Academics have always been something that I have enjoyed throughout my life. I have enjoyed the connections, extracurricular activities, and pushing myself in academically rigorous classes. Through these experiences, I have gained a much greater insight into what it means to be a motivated student. Discovering my interests early on greatly impacted my class choices when creating a high school transcript that I am proud of.

Computer Science JavaScript and computer networking basics Advanced Placement A
Website Design HTML, CSS & Bootstrap fundamentals Standard A
3D Engineering & Design CAD software and shop experience Standard A
Freshman Seminar Mircosoft 365 training Standard A
Broadcast Jounalism I & II Video production basics, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve editing software training Standard A
Business Leadership Introduction to FBLA Standard A
Floral Design Design and color fundamentals Standard A
Physical Science Fundametials of all scientific feilds Standard A
Chemistry Advanced study of matter EVCC CIHS A
Biology Fundametials of all scientific feilds EVCC CIHS A
Horticulture Science Understanding the aspects of keeping our crops healthy and pest free Standard A
Spanish I, II & III Development of writing, speaking, and understanding of the Spanish language Standard A
Algebra I & II Fundamentals of algebraic skills Standard A
Geometry In-depth analysis of solid, plane, in realation to mathematical concepts Standard A
Pre Calculus Pre pre requisite for Calculus EVCC CIHS A/B
Human Geography Study the pattern of how humans use the earth Advanced Placement A
World History Study of trade, migration, and hierarchy of power EVCC CIHS A
US History Study of the history of the United States. EVCC CIHS A
English 101 & 201 Develop professional writing skills Standard A
Creative Writing Develop creative writing skills Standard A
Yearbook Worked as Co-Editor when creating the LHS Yearbook Standard A